Natural Agriculture
Shree Ram Krushna Trust Krushi

Cow based natural agriculture is an important aspect of the work of Shree Ram Krushna Trust. Since the year 2001, we are engaged in natural agriculture and related research and development work. At present, the Trust cultivates vegetables, cereals, spices, oilseeds, fodder and horticultural crops seasonally on a total of 100 acres of land. With regard to natural agriculture, the Trust’s view is that to make agriculture prosperous, it is necessary to revive our thousands of years old traditional system of agriculture. Today, most of the farmers are using chemicals in the fields. As a result, the land is becoming barren and the productivity of the land is decreasing. The objective of the Trust is that farmers should understand their traditional natural agriculture system instead of using poison in the form of urea, DAP and pesticides in the fields. With this view, the Trust manufactures natural fertilizers and pesticides from cow dung, cow urine, buttermilk, ash, various plants etc. The Trust also tests and documents them in the fields.

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The Trust currently manufactures and uses Green Manure, Compost, Super Compost, Jeevamrit, Ghan Jeevamrit, Vermiwash, Chhachhamrit and Flowing Manure of Aak, Gliricidia, Earthworm and Algae, Prom, Soil Improvement Manure, Cow Horn Manure (BD 500 and BD 501), Cow Samadhi Manure, Cow Kripamrit, Cow Barn Food, Cow Dung Gas Slurry Manure, Cow Dharamrit etc.

Similarly, the Trust is manufacturing and using insecticides called Neemastra, Brahmastra and Agniastra for pest control in a desi and natural way.


Certification of Natural Manure

Our endeavour is to ensure that all the natural food (Manure) being developed by Shree Ram Krushna Trust is scientifically certified. For this, scientific certification of our natural food is done through laboratory and field trials in collaboration with Kutch University and Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Kukma.

Shree Manoj Bhai Solanki, Managing Trustee of Shree Ram Krushna Trust is also a member of the Governing Body of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). Hence, we share our experiences related to natural farming with Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR).

We also have modern facilities like Soil Testing Lab. This helps us to know the exact condition of the soil.

Cow-based Natural Farming Training Camp

Shree Ram Krushna Trust has been organizing a three-day training camp on Desi Cow-based Natural Farming since 2011. So far 101 such camps have been held. In this training camp, along with the experiences of Shree Ram Krushna Trust, the experiences of successful farmers doing natural farming are also included. Apart from this, agricultural scientists, university teachers working in this field and social workers are also invited to this camp to present facts and concepts related to scientific testing. Thus, in this training camp, apart from practical training on the manufacture and use of natural fertilizers and pesticides, issues such as agricultural scientific tests, soil enrichment, marketing, identifying crop diseases and ways to deal with them are discussed. Therefore, our effort is to develop a basic understanding of natural farming and its success through trainers with different backgrounds and expertise in this training camp.

Dharti Putra Yojana

In order to benefit the society from the experience gained by Shree Ram Krushna Trust in the field of natural farming, we are running the ‘Dharti Putra Yojana’. Under this, we encourage the farmers of the nearby villages to do natural farming and provide them various technical assistance for natural farming trials on half an acre of land, such as training and guidance for making natural fertilizers, marketing support, if inputs are needed, then we try to make the inputs we are manufacturing available to the farmers, etc. Apart from this, whenever necessary, we also visit the farmers’ fields and guide them.


Agricultural Product Value Addition Centre

An Agricultural Product Value Addition Centre has been set up in the Trust premises where value addition of natural agricultural products is done. For this, a model has been developed on how we can increase the value of grains and pulses by cleaning, grading, sizing, grinding, packing etc. with the help of machines. It is our endeavour that all farmers should get the benefit of these means of value addition. For this, we also add value to the produce of farmers under no profit – no loss. Farmers can avail this facility free of cost by giving their labour.

Agricultural Product Marketing

The agricultural produce of the Trust is used for the personal use of the Trustee’s family.

Apart from this, the excess produce is sold by the Trust through its Swadeshi Mall in Kukma and its shop in Madhapur. Thus, the Trust has been working on this ‘self-reliant model’ of agricultural product marketing by establishing direct relationship with the customers for the last 15-16 years.


The model of natural farming on which we are working is based on the indigenous breed of cow. The main trustee of the organization, Shri Manoj Bhai Solanki, believes that natural farming based on indigenous cows is the only way to come out of all the problems of the world. Therefore, conservation and promotion of cows is an important activity of the trust. 300 Kankrej breed of cows are being reared in the trust’s Gaushala. Underlining the importance of cows, Dr. Manoj Bhai says that if the earth becomes barren due to any reason, then only cows can make the earth ‘Nandan Van’ i.e. heavenly and green again.

Collective effort

Many experiments related to natural farming are being done at individual and institutional level in the country and abroad. There is a system to conduct trials of such experiments in our organization so that we get a collective result of the scattered efforts being made in this field – in the form of development of natural farming.

Apart from this, some of our other works are mixed cropping, seed conservation, kitchen garden, planting of medicinal trees, horticulture and development of ‘natural net house’ and other forest models in the trust premises, conservation and development of varieties of medicinal trees, fruit trees, bird protection trees, trees to be planted on the ridges etc. We are also making efforts to ensure that everyone benefits from the efforts made by us in these areas so far.

Agriculture is a part of the creation and system of nature. Life is a gift of God, hence nature provides the means to sustain life. It has the system of life of millions of types of organisms which are interdependent on each other i.e. are interdependent.

If the farmer understands this system of nature, then he can make the field a ‘Nandan Van’ where not only conservation and use of millions of organisms living in the soil can be done, but the entire population can be nourished.

Today again, there is a need to do agriculture by keeping nature and ‘real science’ at the center. Also, farmers need to add post-harvest aspects like food processing and marketing to their farming activities to generate additional wealth.

Actual farming is not done by humans but by nature. Humans only need to cooperate in this process of nature.

The Trust is working on a holistic approach to establish this concept by doing practical experiments on it.

Usage of Various Types of Natural Fertilizers and their Ingredients

 Liquid Fertilizers:

  • Jivamrit
  • Vermiwash
  • Gau-mutra (cow-urine)
  • Chhasamrit (Buttermilk-based fertilizer)
  • Akanda-liquid fertilizer (Calotropis Gigantia shrub-based fertilizer)
  • Gliricidia-liquid fertilizer (Gliricidia sepium shrub-based fertilizer)

Algae-liquid fertilizer Solid Fertilizers:

  • Super Compost fertilizer
  • Prom fertilizer
  • Soil fertility improving fertilizer
  • Gau-shing (Cow-horn) fertilizer
  • Solid Jivamrit
  • Gau Samadhi fertilizer
  • Cowshed fertilizer