Cow-based farming is one of the main activities run by Shree Ram Krushna Trust. Cow-based farming amid nature has been demonstrated at Kukma in order to propagate the Business Model of Cow-based farming extensively and inspire farmers to adopt this mode of farming. Here, fodder and vegetables are cultivated as the main crop. Our objective is to convince and inspire more and more farmers to adopt cow-based organic farming. We aspire to create an ideal model for the same. We are heartily putting all our efforts in that direction. Shree Ram Krushna Trust has adopted organic farming since 2001 and we have been guiding thoroughly for the same.

  • Organic farming has been carried out on over 100 acres of land.
  • Miyawaki forest has been developed over 1.5 acres of land.
  • 0.25 acres of land are dedicated to the herbal plantation where various types of herbal plants are cultivated. Shree Ram Krushna Trust cultivates a variety of crops as under:
  • Vegetable crop: gourd, ivy gourd (gisodi), cucumber, bitter gourd, radish, carrot, fenugreek, coriander leaves, spinach, onion, garlic
  • Fodder crop: lucerne(forage) millet, napier, fodder grass, barley, marvel grass (jijjavo), carrot, jowar, sweet corn
  • Cereal crop: wheat, jowar, millet
  • Orchard crop: sapota (cheeku), pomegranate, rose apple, dates, mango, lemon, dragon fruit (kamalam fruit)
  • Condiments crop: fenugreek, coriander, mustard seed
  • Oil seed crops: castor, groundnut, mustard All the above crops are taken based on organic farming and the guidance related to that is also provided here.

 For more information contact: 94265 82810

Usage of Various Types of Natural Fertilizers and their Ingredients

 Liquid Fertilizers:

  • Jivamrit
  • Vermiwash
  • Gau-mutra (cow-urine)
  • Chhasamrit (Buttermilk-based fertilizer)
  • Akanda-liquid fertilizer (Calotropis Gigantia shrub-based fertilizer)
  • Gliricidia-liquid fertilizer (Gliricidia sepium shrub-based fertilizer)

Algae-liquid fertilizer Solid Fertilizers:

  • Super Compost fertilizer
  • Prom fertilizer
  • Soil fertility improving fertilizer
  • Gau-shing (Cow-horn) fertilizer
  • Solid Jivamrit
  • Gau Samadhi fertilizer
  • Cowshed fertilizer