Shree Ram Krushna Trust Gaumata

Cow Rearing

Natural agriculture and indigenous cow rearing complement each other. Hence, Shree Ram Krushna Trust is engaged in natural agriculture as well as rearing and breeding of local breed Kankrej of Kutch. Shree Ram Krushna Trust started cow rearing with 25 cows, whose number has increased to about 300 today.

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Aadarsh ​​Prakritik Gaushala

The Trust’s cowshed spread over about 1 acre of land has been built in natural style. Paddy straw has been used to make the roof of the cowshed. Also, special care has been taken to ensure that the cows get air, light and adequate space. Different types of shady trees have been planted in the cowshed to ensure permanent shade for the cows.

Here, separate enclosures have been made for milk-giving, pregnant and old cows and calves. In all the enclosures, troughs have been arranged for the cows to drink water. Most of the green fodder for the cattle is grown naturally in the fields of the Trust.

Use of male cattle

The objective of Shree Ram Krushna Trust is to develop a model for the creation of excellent cattle with high milk productivity by preparing good bulls, increasing the cattle population and reusing the energy of the cattle so that the society can understand it.

In our cowshed, if a calf is born after breeding high milking cows with a good bull, then we develop it as an excellent bull. Our effort is to make such bulls available free of cost to the villages and cow shelters that need it.

Similarly, we prepare the calves of low milking cows as bulls and make them available free of cost to the farmers who need them.

In 2023, about 40 bulls and bulls were given to villages, cow shelters and farmers.


To increase the use of male cattle in the society and to encourage people to use bullock carts for transportation, Shree Ram Krushna Trust has manufactured ‘modern bullock carts’. Apart from this, we have also developed a model of ‘Bullock-driven tractor’.

Gaushala self-reliance

Shree Ram Krushna Trust itself does retail marketing for the sale of milk produced here. 250 to 300 liters of milk is sold daily from the shop in Madhapur village and Kukma Gaushala. Local people buy milk from here by paying a good price.

Shree Ram Krushna Trust has always been striving for Gaushala self-reliance, but for this the focus of the Trust is not only on milk production. The Trust also emphasizes on the proper use of cow dung and cow urine. We use cow dung to make compost, ‘super compost’ by adding value to it, biogas slurry manure etc. These manures are used in the fields of the Trust and the excess manure is sold. Similarly, we manufacture biogas, cow dung crafts, Vaidic plaster and various household products from cow dung.

Cow urine is used in the manufacture of various medicines based on Panchgavya.

Earlier, there was a tradition in the society to make economic gains and things necessary for life by using cow dung and cow urine. We are trying to give a new format to this tradition according to today.

Thus, we are working with the goal of establishing a model of cowshed self-reliance.

Social dimension

All the works of Shree Ram Krushna Trust have a social dimension. The cowshed of the Trust is also committed to its social responsibility. From this point of view, the Trust is engaged in the following works –


  • Providing excellent bulls free of cost to villages in need of breed development
  • Providing bulls free of cost to farmers for farming
  • Providing cows free of cost to farmers for dung and urine
  • Distribution of dung and urine at concessional rates to farmers doing organic farming
  • Distribution of cow urine for medicinal purposes at concessional rates
  • Free training and guidance on cow rearing
  • Promotion of cow based agriculture
  • Creation of literature to glorify the utility of cow
  • Efforts for scientific certification of cow products


Importance of Cow

Cow is the basis of India’s basic economy and culture. Cow is actually the heritage of the nation. Cow is the most benevolent and sacred animal on the entire earth. Cow is the pillar of human health, ecological balance, economy and the entire science of life. Our happiness level also increases by being in contact with cow. Cow milk provides health to the body and strengthens it.

Cow has Surya Ketu Nadi on its back hump, due to which tiny particles of gold come in its milk, cow dung and cow urine, due to which these substances become extremely useful for human health in free form and in the form of Panchgavya. Scientists of Junagadh Agriculture University had discovered the presence of gold in cow urine in the year 2016. Along with this, it was said that cow urine contains 388 types of disease-resistant elements.

Cow is the basic power for the production of all excellent grains. Cow is the cause of all yagyas including Agnihotra. Cow milk, cow dung, cow urine and cows have special importance in various religious rituals.

Dr. Manoj Bhai Solanki, Managing Trustee of Shree Ram Krushna Trust, has underlined the importance of cow mother and said – “If the earth becomes barren due to any reason, then only cow mother can make it fertile and like ‘Nandan Van’ again. Cow mother is the most important pillar of Sanatan Dharma-culture. Its Panchgavya are the five Amrits of the earth. Where cow mother is reared, the positive energy increases there. Living with cow also increases our aura. Cow mother can even bring positive changes in the DNA of a person. In reality, cow mother is not ordinary and because we are like her children and use her Panchgavya, hence we are also not ordinary. We have to understand the importance of cow and ourselves.”

Thus, the glory of cow is infinite. Therefore, people of all sects, communities and regions of the country have to understand the importance of cows in totality and have to engage in the work of cow protection and cow conservation. Shree Ram Krushna Trust is trying to fulfil its part of this responsibility and repay the debt of cow through its cow rearing dimension.

We say ‘Gaumata ki Jai’ but why ‘Gaumata ki Jai’? Shree Ram Krushna Trust’s cow rearing and related work is also an attempt to answer this.

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