Cow-breeding (Gau Samvardhan)

              Agriculture and cow are complementary to each other. Agriculture without cows and cows without agriculture is incomplete. We carry out cow-breeding with a view to proving this objective and fulfilling the same. The Ram Krushna Trust nourishes 300 deshi kankrej cows in its cowshed to exemplify the affordability of an indigenous cow and how to earn a good level of income through its milk, Gau-mutra(Cow urine), Gobar(Cow dung), and how to manage the cow-shed as a self-sustaining and profitmaking unit. Gau-mutra(Cow urine) is utilized in making medicines, the milk is locally sold at Kukma and Madhapar in addition to making ghee and selling the same in the local area. The Gobar(Cow dung) is used for making fertilizer in addition to a variety of products from it. Here, we provide medical facilities to cater to any ailing cow. The data and statistics are maintained to keep track of the earnings and maintain the cowshed as a practicable enriching venture. This proves that a cow is not a burden and we aspire to bring this fact to light.

Shree Ram Krushna Trust Gaumata
  • A cow shed developed in an organic way consisting of 300 Kankrej cows.
  • Not only milk but Gobar(Cow dung) and Gau-mutra(Cow urine)are also optimally utilized
  • Bull nourishment for maintaining the best breed of cows
  • Farmers are given oxen free of cost for agricultural purposes.
  • Farmers are given cows free of cost for the purpose of Gobar(Cow dung) and Gaumutra(Cow urine).
  • Farmers doing organic farming are provided with Gobar(Cow dung) and Gaumutra(Cow urine)at a low cost.
  • Distribution of directly collected Gau-mutra(Cow urine)at a low cost for medicinal purposes.
  • Plantation of a variety of trees on the premises of the cow shed.
  • Cows are fed with nourishing herbs.
  • Ailing cows are given the best medicinal treatment.
  • Free guidance for cow catering and nourishment.

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