In India, there have traditionally been four business bases for fulfilling the economic needs of a person – natural agriculture, animal husbandry/cow rearing, village industry and handicraft. Handicraft has a special place in this because handicraft is a means of livelihood on one hand and on the other hand it is also an expression of a person’s inner art. Being an expression of a person’s inner art, it also increases his level of happiness. Due to this characteristic of handicraft, it has always been an integral part of our rural system.

Keeping this in mind, Shri Ramakrishna Trust has given place to traditional handicraft artisans like blacksmith, carpenter, potter, house construction related Kadiya Kaam, considering them an integral part of the efforts of village self-reliance, in the trust premises, on the other hand, to realize the slogan of our organization ‘Gobar in every house, Gobar in every house’, a new handicraft dimension has also been added by the name of ‘Gobarcraft’. Under Gobarcraft, the Trust makes many useful and artistic items from cow dung such as – Toran, wall piece, wall clock, table clock, momento, diya, rakhi, idols, puja thali, yajna kund, toys, flower pots, etc. These products are becoming quite popular too. With the availability of these things made from cow dung, while on one hand people have got a strong alternative to items made of plastic, glass, cement, etc. for home decoration or other works, on the other hand, popular sayings in our culture such as ‘Gomay vasate Lakshmi’ have also proved true for today’s generation and this has increased the enthusiasm towards cow rearing.

Gobar Craft Products