• A nursery with more than 2200 plants of 42 varieties
  • Herbal garden at every home
  • Nourishment garden at every home
  • Cow nourishment based on trees
  • Continuous supply of saplings free of cost
  • Availability of herbal plants, big tree saplings, a few flower plants and fruit plants
  • Sapling distribution to a lot of institutions, schools, colonies and other places along with tree plantation drives
  • Plantation of banyan tree and peepal tree(ficus religiosa) at many open areas in villages
  • As a part of environmental conservation, Shree Ram Krushna Trust aims at planting and growing more than 5,000 trees every year. As a part of this vision we make saplings of medicinal plants keeping in view the requirement of animals, birds, fruit, other trees and distribute it for fields, villages and homes.