Social Activity

The Organization has also been doing a lot of work as a part of the social responsibility:

  • The region of Kutch faces a lot of dry seasons due to irregularity of rain. In such situations, Shri Ram Krushna Trust runs fodder centres for cows and provides with the facilities of fodder, cattle- food and water. This effort from the Trust has been appreciated even by the Government with public honours.
  • When swine flu epidemic was spread, more them 400 people were provided with homoeopathic medicines free of cost.
  • During the corona pandemic times, when people were in great trouble, the Trust distributed the cereals kit to the poor and helpless people and provided them with some employment. In addition to this, the State Government’s efforts were also supported with some donations. We felt deep satisfaction by doing something is better than nothing when we offered a sum of money to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund.
  • Recently, when cows here were infected with lumpy skin virus disease, the Trust distributed Ayurvedic, Homoeopathic and modern medicines as required free of cost all over Kutch and in most villages around Kukma.