Cow Based Natural Farming Mentoring Camp (Three Days)

  • COW-BASED ORGANIC FARMING GUIDANCE SEMINAR (A 3-DAY PROGRAMME) From 2011 to May 2022, 79 cow-based organic farming training programmes have been held benefitting 2,867 participants.
  • This training programme constitutes the concept of organic farming, knowledge about soil, how to make soil more fertile, disease and pest control, marketing and value-addition, guidance about herbal crop farming in addition to making fertilizers and making of organic pest-control products.
  • These are made a part of training given by experienced educated trainers and subject experts.
  • All the training programmes are completely free of cost including lodging and boarding for even night stay. They are held on 12-13 and 14th of every month.

For more details Contact: 94265 82810


  • Panchagavya, Gobar craft, Gomaya plastering powder, Cowshed Management, Fertilizer Making, Paint etc. related practical guidance
  • No time limit, Training continues all year
  • No limits to Training and Learning
  • Learning by Doing with the Field Experts appointed by the Trust
  • Until now, nation-wide and state-wide 2112 trainees have been benefitted with the training and running their trades successfully

વધુ માહિતી માટે સંપર્ક કરો :  94265 82810


Student Internship

  • Internship from many well-known colleges from all over the State of Gujarat has been conducted here
  • Practical Training is given for Farming, Cow-rearing, Cottage industry with Lodging and Boarding Organizations connected with us
  • Lokbharti Sanosara (B.Voc.)
  • Pramukh Swami Science and H.D.Patel Arts College, Kadi
  • Lokniketan Maha Vidyalay, Ratanpur
  • Gramsewa Maha Vidyalay, Grambharati, Amrapur
  •  Vansewa Maha Vidyalay, Bilpudi, Dharampur
  • Samajsewa Maha Vidyalay, Gandhi Vidyapeeth, Vedchhi Until now, 331 students have been benefitted with the training at the Trust premises

વધુ માહિતી માટે સંપર્ક કરો :  94265 82810